4th Sustainability Talks, Istanbul on 28th of November

Sustainability Talks Istanbul, organized in cooperation with Orbit Consulting and Kipaş Textiles and with the strategic partnership of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (İTHİB), was held with the intense interest of more than 1500 participants.





Sustainability Talks Istanbul, organized by Orbit Consulting and Kipaş Textiles in order to raise awareness about sustainability in the fashion and textile industry and to take solution-oriented steps with the leading representatives of the sector, once again brought the most innovative solutions under the same roof with international regulations that concern the entire textile value chain. This year's theme was "Interaction and Collaboration". The leading leaders of the textile industry came together at the 4th Sustainability Talks in Istanbul, where the Finnish Embassy & Business Finland and the Netherlands were country partners.


The 4th Sustainability Talks Istanbul was held with 1500+ participants, 50 speakers and impressive sessions supporting this year's theme, Interaction and Collaboration. The event, where green solutions with artificial intelligence, new generation fibers and innovations that take sustainability in textiles to the next level were discussed, STI23 went beyond being a conference where sustainable solutions in textiles are discussed and became the largest organization that strengthens Europe's sustainability network in textiles with its Interaction Area, Stakeholder Organizations Hall and SustainTech event.


Sustainability Talks Istanbul, which has become a trusted and followed brand with interest with its audience and sector-oriented approach in 4 years, is the first event in Turkey where sustainability in the textile industry is discussed comprehensively. The conference, attended by leading names and representatives of the industry from all over the world, also offered its participants a unique networking opportunity and worked to make Turkey a center in sustainable production.


The conference, which has become a brand in promoting the textile industry in Turkey on an international scale over the past years, is also the only and most comprehensive sustainability organization held in this field.

Orbit Consulting Board Member Bikem Kanık made a statement about this year's conference: "At this year's event, a side session was also held under the name "SustainTech Istanbul". At the SustainTech event organized for the sustainability transformation of our textile industry and entrepreneurs in this field, we brought together new initiatives and companies that offer innovative and transformative sustainability solutions in areas touching fashion and textile, with the textile industry.

In addition to being the first event held in this field, we brought together entrepreneurs not only with important actors of the investment world, but also with brands and manufacturers with whom they can collaborate. In addition, in the side halls, from the leading institutions of the sector; International umbrella organizations such as the International Textile Manufacturers Federation, Textile Exchange and Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress were included and the outputs of the conferences, projects and studies carried out by them throughout 2023 were shared with the sector."


This year, 3 different panels were held at Sustainability Talks Istanbul, where local and international leading names of the industry took part as keynote speakers, sharing good examples on current issues of the industry;


  1. Next Generation Fibers
  2. Sustainability Applications with Artificial Intelligence - Sustainability Solutions and AI Technology
  3. Circularity and Regenerative Applications in Textile – Creating a Circular and Regenerative Textile Sector


Brands, manufacturers and suppliers that make a difference in the journey of sustainability came together at STI 2023. The doyens of the textile industry celebrated the success of the 4th Sustainability Talks Istanbul with the "After Party" held in the magnificent atmosphere of Babylon Bomontiada. STI 2023, which brought together international regulations and regulations that concern the entire textile value chain and the most innovative solutions and innovations under the same roof, has created a unique networking opportunity for the sector.


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