Sustainability Talks Istanbul 2022

Organized in collaboration with Orbit Consulting and Kipas Textiles, and in strategic partnership with the Istanbul Textile Exporters Association, Sustainability Talks Istanbul will take place as a hybrid conference on November 2 in Istanbul. The conference, which will comprehensively discuss the sustainability topics for the fashion and textile industry, will host the world's leading speakers in the field and can be followed both physically and virtually via free registration.






The aim of the 3rd Sustainability Talks Istanbul Conference is to raise awareness of sustainability in the textile industry and initiate solution-oriented steps with industry representatives and pioneers. The conference was the first event which discuss comprehensively the topic of sustainability in the textile industry in Turkey. The aim is to develop sustainable solutions to all challenges that the industry faces, from climate emergency to traceability, responsible supply of raw materials to minimal resource consumption, with a focus on innovation and transparency. This year Textile Exchange will celebrate its 20th birthday at the Sustainability Talks Istanbul After Party.

“Sustainability Talks is a brand in promoting the textile industry in a global scale.”

Ahmet Oksuz, President of the Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters' Association (ITHIB): “As Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters' Association, we have been focusing on sustainability since 2020 and conducting our work in this direction. Since ITHIB is a leading institution in the textile and raw materials sector with more than 7000 members, we successfully undertake the task of guiding our industry and raising awareness. Sustainability Talks Istanbul is an organization that brings national and international stakeholders of the textile industry together. Priority changes that the industry needs are discussed, and examples of good practices are shared. In the Sustainability Talks program, which we expect the widest participation of all times this year, the most competent names in the field will share the most updated information on topics that are very related to our industry, such as sustainability, circular economy, and energy efficiency. In this context, our Sustainability Talks event is a brand in promoting the textile industry on a global scale.”

“We aim to take our activity to a higher level with our international stakeholders.”

Sultan Tepe, Textile and Raw Materials Sector Board Sustainability Committee Chairman and ITHIB Board Member: “Being the first sector to announce its Sustainability Action Plan, our textile industry continues to support its member companies with its 4-month long-term training program and the Sustainable Textiles URGE Project. In this context, we are increasing our collaborations so that our Sustainability Talks Event, which we give great importance, has a wider impact, and includes the entire industry. The sustainability vision and future projects of our textile industry will be considered in the Sustainability Talks program, which received a high demand. We aim to take our event, which we proudly share in our international events and followed by the entire world, to a higher level with our international stakeholders.”

“The only and most comprehensive sustainability organization held in Turkey.”

Bikem Kanik, Member of the Executive Board of Orbit Consulting: “With the participation of the actors of the national and international fashion and textile sectors, we will host more than 30 speakers and sector representatives, academia, public and NGOs from all stages of the textile supply chain. With these features, Sustainability Talks Istanbul will continue to be the only and most comprehensive sustainability organization in Turkey. The programs and speakers, which we anticipate the physical participation of more than 1000 people and the digital participation over 5000, and which will take place in 35 stands, are rapidly taking shape.”

“We are on the way to become a worldwide brand.”

Halit Gumuser, Member of the Board of Directors, and General Manager of Kipas: “The conference, which we will organize for the third time this year, is on the way to become a worldwide brand. Panels and speeches where global participants and speakers will share their own experiences on the development of the industry will make a huge difference. Fashion and textile industry opinion leaders come together and support sustainable branding in Turkey. Kipas Textile supports raising the awareness of the stakeholders in the studies which aims making our country center of the sustainable production. The titles of the panels of the conference "Sustainability Talks Istanbul" are as follows; 1. Track & Trace: Future Solutions for Transparency, 2. Circularity  Post Consumer Recycling, 3. Futureproof Cotton, 4. Innovative Manufacturing Solutions & Carbon Neutrality, 5. Generation Now: long-term thinking for people and the planet. We look forward to seeing all our solution partners at the conference.”


The Sustainability Talks Istanbul conference will be held on November 2 at Zorlu PSM, Turkcell Stage. It will discuss the experiences of participants striving to produce textiles responsibly on a global scale by integrating innovations in digitalization, biotechnology, renewable energy, recycling technologies and raw materials into their business models. The conference, which guests can watch at Zorlu PSM, will also be available online.

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Many key brands, manufacturers and suppliers from the industry will gather at the event, which will discuss sustainability governance, new generation raw materials, innovative production solutions, carbon neutrality, circular economy, traceability, and transparency. Sustainability Talks keynote speakers include Arnoud Passenier of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Nicolas Prophte of PVH Corp, Leyla Ertur of H&M, Andreas Streubig of Hugo Boss, Guilherme Scheffer of Scheffer, Amy Hall of Eileen Fisher Foundation, Madison Wright of Pentatonic, Sevgin Sicim of C&A and Jean Hegedus of The LYCRA Company.

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