Feb 20, 2023

PV is a highly acclaimed international fair with:

• 2400 exhibitors,
• A variety of 72400 products in total (fabrics, accessories, yarns, designs and apparel manufacturers)
• 3 extensive halls,
• 34500 visitors.

Abiteks Capsule Collection X Fabric Collaborators


The ‘Design Sourcing’ hall consisted of 180 different design suppliers’ novelty prints, knits and wovens, transfer papers and embroideries. It is strictly prohibited to record videos or take photos at this particular hall, guarded by security

• Seçen Tekstil
• Pastel by Yılmazipek
• Korukçu Tekstil
• İpeker

Especially involving tops (samples) and some designed for one of our clients, our capsule collection were welcomed by these companies.


Abiteks - Fair Collection

We visited the hall where more than 50 manufacturers exhibited at PV, to examine how Abiteks would take part in.

This hall is definitely open to improvement and needs to grow; the most significant point is to exhibit and present a collection of one single product group…

PV – Apparel Manufacturers

Manufacturers mainly dominated by companies from Morrocco, Portugal, India and Turkey shared their experiences and most were pretty content with the connections they made at this hall.

Apart from those, we had the chance to get acquainted and had dialogues for a potential collaboration with some of them. They stood out with their cohesive collection of a single product group.

PV – Fabric Makers


2 halls called the ‘Market place’, with more than 900 fabric makers, were filled mainly with exhibitors from Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Far East (China, Japan and Korea). Though not a lot, there were French, Greek and German companies as well.

We were really impressed by some of the qualities of Portuguese companies, making selections to be sent to our headquarters.

It was possible to see ‘Abiteks Traceability’ booklets and promotion cards scattered on the desks of most Turkish Fabric Makers all around the fair.

There were many interesting qualities that we didn’t come across before in Turkey, we showed keen interest in selecting a bundle of some of these fabric swatches.


PV – Accessories Companies

Although there was a variety of Italian, Portuguese and Turkish companies with a broad selection of accessories, we didn’t see many novelties amongst.
However, they were pretty appealing with their stand presentations and flooded with clients most of the time.

PV - Sustainability


Another interesting section at the fair was the ECO-INNOVATION Forum. At this part of the fair, only fabrics made from sustainable fibers were exhibited and there was an immense demand.

Among some of these sustainable materials were, pineapple skin, banana peel (a special type called abaca) , corn husk were outstanding.


PV – Sustainability

The fabrics and fibers below were also significant:

Organic silk (No toxic chemicals used)

Ecovero (still under the spotlight)



Responsible cellulose (card hangtags

Abaca/ banana fiber

Orange new cellulasic


Corn (high elasticity)

PA (sensil)

Bio syntheticd :PLA

Recycled and biobased EA

Linen, hemp, nettle, kapok, bast fibers

Leather - vegatable tanning (Produced by Marmara Leather and Tess in Turkey)

Metal free tanning (Produced by Alpaka Leather in TR)

Chrome free tanning (Produced by Çetinkaya in TR)


PV – Seminars

At the SS24 Trends Seminar, many innovations, technological developments, design and different kinds of qualities were demonstrated.

The main theme is ‘Maximalism’.



Talks Area section hosted speakers from diverse sectors during the day. Some of the topics under the ‘Sustainability’ main theme were;

A newly emerging fiber made from100% plant-based pineapple skin.

Among the other accentuated topics involved, Eco-design, Eco-innovation trend tasting, Fashion trend tasting & Digitalizing design.



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