Abiteks is a technology enabled sourcing company and textile agency merging its longer than 26 years fashion sourcing experience together with the advantages of new technologies, thereby streamlining its internal operations to create better efficiency for our customers.

Abiteks client portfolio contains some major european brand managers and retailers such as;

Mustang Fashion Services Gmbh, Bogner Jeans, Olsen Gmbh&Co.Kg., Esprit Europe Services Gmbh, Miro Radici Ag, Laurel Gmbh, Leineweber Gmbh&Co.Kg. (Brax), S.Oliver Bernd Freier Gmbh&Co.Kg. and Peek&Cloppenburg Kg in Germany, Mexx Europe B.V in Netherlands, Peuterey Group S.P.A in Italy.

We based our business approach on our clients requirements such as:

  • Fashion Input & Design Office

  • Point of Production Database (POPs)

  • Sourcing

  • Merchandising

  • Social Compliance

  • Quality Control

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Order Tracking

  • Excellently Trained Staff

  • Logistic Support